Balancing multiple functional subsystems of society – a strategy for addressing the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG2030)

Autor/en: Grunow, Dieter

Erscheinungsort: Duisburg

Erschienen: Dezember 2019

Seiten: 22

(Paper prepared for the IIAS congress in Singapore 2019)

The paper analyses the problems and deficiencies of good governance goals and other
suggestions or prescriptions to follow the sustainable development goals (SDG2030) from 2015.
This can be seen as a possible way to improve the performance and results of the public sector
initiatives in dealing with the respective challenges. The natural environment will be taken as
focal point for empirical examples. The structuring of the observations and conclusions is done
by referring to the all-embracing system theory of Niklas Luhmann (1927-1998) 2 .

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